Europa Gate helps foreign clients to prepare all the necessary documents required to set up a business, as well as study at universities and residential permits. We endeavour to assist our clients with everything in order to minimise their stress and inconvenience. Europa Gate’s clients have the added convenience of being able to travel in the Schengen zone without the requirement of a visa.

Why to choose us?

We will take care of everything

We can help you start your business and new life in Slovakia.

We can save you time

We will prepare and process all documents.

We are professionals

Give us your trust and we will turn into successful results.

We provide real estate services

We can assist you with your search for a new home or business premises either in Slovakia or the Czech Republic.

Slovakia, the centre of Europe

We can assist you to enhance your company profile and expand your business to other countries within the EU.

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Membership of the EU

The Slovak Republic is a member of the European Union, which means that there are no customs or administrative barriers applicable to import/export within the EU.


Slovakia is a country with political and economic stability and with a vision of becoming one of the top destinations for potential investors.

Low Tax

Slovakia benefits from a single tax rate that is uninfluenced by the level of income. This is an advantage for our foreign clients when compared to other countries.

Affordable Prices

Services, housing and real estate in Slovakia are cheaper than in most other EU Member States. This is one of the reasons why Slovakia is such a popular tourist destination.

Proximity of European Cities

Banská Bystrica is not only the geographical centre of Europe but also a core transport and logistics centre from which you can easily and conveniently get to the neighbouring capitals, such as Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Warsaw.

Favourable Business Environment

There are plenty of opportunities for the development of commerce and industry.